Effect of marijuana on fertility

Drugs and its Dangerous Effect on Fertility

Infertility is an increasing problem faced by many couples these days. Various reasons can be responsible for it but if a couple is engaged in drug consumption, it would surely be the main reason for infertility. Drugs decrease the sperm count and increase the defective sperms in the body. Alcohol is also a form of drug and the consumption of alcohol is increasing in couples. Therefore, alcohol affects the reproduction system in human body and result in infertility in many cases.
Drugs have dangerous effect on the body of abuser and its consumption leads an abuser towards destruction. Talking about drugs that result in infertility, marijuana is on top of the list.

Effect of marijuana on fertility

Marijuana is one of the most consumed drugs in the world despite its dangerous effects. It is basically a weed and even its moderate use can create serious problems for human body. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the most effective ingredient of marijuana and the strength of drug can be judged by the amount of THC present in it. Research has proved that marijuana affects the reproductive system of both, man and woman. It changes the menstrual cycle of woman which will lead to reduction in hormones needed for reproduction. In many cases, women gets pregnant despite the use of marijuana but have to face complications in pregnancy and delivery of the baby.
It is advised that marijuana should not be consumed in teenage years as in that period; the person goes through the phase of physical and sexual development. Therefore drug use in respective period can result in permanent loss of fertility.
Scientific research shows that marijuana not only affects woman fertility but also leaves negative impact on male fertility. It reduces the sperm count of male and also hinders its effectiveness. Marijuana can lower the potential of seminal fluid which will ultimately affect the sperm negatively. In certain cases, increased use of marijuana can result in temporary infertility but if an abuser stops its consumption, all the negativities will end in thirty days.
Other Drugs that hinder reproduction
Other than marijuana, anti-depressant drugs affect man’s fertility. In many cases when an individual is unable to cope with daily stress, he resorts toward anti-depressants as they relieve pain for certain period. Fertility doctors clearly abandon the use of such drugs due to the serious side effects.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs affect reproduction system of women. They may create ovulation problems and result in temporary infertility.
Use of medicine for high blood pressure has negative impact on males. Use hypertension drugs with calcium to restore reproduction system.
Doctors prescribe antibiotics in case of fever, flu or any other illness but some antibiotics have ingredients which reduce the sperm count and result in temporary infertility. They can also affect sperm morphology and motility.
In cases when a patient feels negative impact on fertility due to any medicine, it is advisable to consult a fertility doctor immediately as they can help in restoring your fertility to normal level.

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